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Guer-Coëtquidan, January 25, 2024 – sarl, distributor and designer of professional solutions for the armed forces and FSI, announces that at the beginning of 2024, it has obtained the renewal of its ISO 9001:2015 certification. Thus, this quality management standard recognizes the company's commitment to continuous improvement of its processes both in terms of product and service quality, to guarantee customer satisfaction.

The approved administration systems apply to the following: 

« Distribution, design, and sale of individual and collective equipment intended for Internal Security Forces and Defense personnel.»

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What is the ISO 9001 certification?

The ISO 9001 certification is an international standard that guarantees the quality of a company's products and/or services by establishing a quality management system. This system documents the company's processes and procedures to ensure compliance with quality requirements, both regulatory and specific to clients, and thus improve customer satisfaction.  

The certification process

The certification process includes two main steps: an internal audit to review practices and an external audit to verify if the ISO 9001 requirements are met. If so, the company obtains the ISO 9001 certification valid for one year. 

Obtaining this certification crowns several months of work, during which our teams have been mobilized around a common goal: to demonstrate our capacity and commitment to provide high-quality services to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Antoine Douville, commercial and quality manager, emphasizes: « has always focused on customer satisfaction, and the ISO 9001:2015 certification is proof of that. This certification is not just the result of a one-time examination of our company. It is the recognition of a constant commitment initiated by its founder Franck Douville and perpetuated by its logistics manager Charlotte Douville and the entire team for years. It is the reward for hard work over more than 35 years to improve our practices, products, and services, and thus meet the expectations of our clients, wherever they are and whatever their mission. »

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