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Code of Conduct and Moderation Guidelines

Contributions on Facebook and Instagram Welkit pages, affiliated with the websites and of the company Welkit sarl, are subject to moderation after posting. Contributions may be checked by the moderator following your publication. Any contribution that does not respect the code of good conduct may be deleted, and its author banned without notice.

The Facebook and Instagram Welkit pages are a place for information, exchanges, and discussion aimed at developing an internet community around all the themes related to the fields of defense and security. It is in respect of these orientations that the Welkit pages are managed, animated, and moderated. While all visitors to these pages are free to participate and comment on the various publications, we invite you to be courteous and moderate in all your remarks and thank you for respecting a few rules in your publications on this page.

This includes the following rules, in a non-exhaustive manner:

  • Contributors commit to respecting the general conditions of use of Facebook which govern interactions between users and the community site.
  • The publication of content on our page implies acknowledgment of the public nature of Facebook. As a user, you are responsible for your publications. Therefore, it is advised against posting personal data such as personal contact details, email, postal address, telephone.
  • Only comments related to the subjects discussed on the page, free of advertisements or links to sites that would not fit into the page's conversation themes, will be accepted.
  • Comments that would damage or could potentially damage the image or reputation of a brand, an individual or legal entity will be deleted, and their authors may be banned.
  • All statements that are defamatory, racist, xenophobic, aggressive, insulting, or demeaning to another user are prohibited, as are any statements of a political or ideological nature.
  • Messages posted multiple times and containing exactly the same content are prohibited.
  • Publications containing a majority of CAPITAL LETTERS, which could be perceived as aggressive, are to be avoided.

We reserve the right to delete without notice any content that does not respect the conditions above.

Under no circumstances can Welkit be held responsible for messages and publications posted on the page by Facebook users.

Thanking you in advance for your behavior, let's be tolerant, respectful, and responsible, on Facebook as elsewhere.